Meet The Team

I'm so excited to announce that StrongLikeMum is expanding, and as such I can now introduce the newest member of the team, Korin. I am so excited to have met and teamed up with this brilliant Strong Mama of three!

Alongside Korin joining the team full time, SLM is excited to be partnering with even more brilliant women this year, including; bloggers, nutritionists, hormone specialists and even medical experts. These ladies are going to help me bring you the most accurate, up to date info on pre and postnatal health, nutrition and fitness. 


Shakira Akabusi - Founder & Director

pre & postnatal fitness expert

Hi! My name's Shakira and I'm the founder of StrongLikeMum. As a fully qualified Pre and Postnatal fitness expert and lover of nutritious ( and delicious) food, I'm passionate about empowering Mothers to Love their bodies and engage with exercise in a healthy and positive way. 

I want to bridge the gap between ‘Postnatal women’ and the opportunity to be confident, powerful, strong, sexy etc. Let's Shatter the Stereotype around ‘Mum’ and show that you can still achieve you’re goals as a mother, whether in business, sports or relationships. 

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Korin Nolan - Director

Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist

Hi my names Korin, mum of two and founder of Power Pilates UK. Since having my daughter a few of years ago, I turned my hand more to pre and post natal fitness and have experienced for myself the benefits of both.

As a specialist in Postnatal core rehabilitation and a nutrition enthusiast, I’m excited to be joining the SLM Team, not only to be working with other fit mammas, but also to be able to help you throughout your pregnancy and postnatal recovery.