Bump Buddies

Imagine our surprise when we decided to announce our pregnancies on the same day and were only A DAY apart... 

What has become most obvious over the last 8 months, is just how different our pregnancies are. You hear that a lot when reading pregnancy forums but this has really highlighted it for us! 

We were talking this through and were laughing at how different we are, even though we're so close in weeks. We outlined a few of these differences below... the weird and the wonderful (Isn't pregnancy a strange and amazing time)! 

Let us know here or over on social how you're feeling! 

Happy Bumping Mama's! 

Shakira and Korin xx


When did you realise you were pregnant?

K: Pretty much straight away, I was about 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. I knew when my period was supposed to arrive, so when it didn’t it didn’t take much working out! 

S: Not for a while. I took three pregnancy tests which all came back negative. I didn't realise until my period was late and I started to feel nauseous which didn't go away after a few days. I tested again and the so happy to see it was positive.  

What are the difference between this pregnancy and your last?

K: Touch wood, both pregnancies (so far) have gone well. I would say that I’m a bit more chilled on the do’s & Don’ts list this time. Also I have less time to day dream about baby arriving, read up on baby info and generally prepare, as I have a toddler! However, I’m a lot less patient this time about baby arriving too! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a very long time, as I did it such a short time ago with Olivia. 

S: I'm finding this pregnancy is going by so quickly! I'm just over 30 weeks and don't have much prepared at all. I'm also feeling the physical changes a lot more this time round. I'm tired a lot (probably from rushing after a toddler) but I'm also feeling a lot more aches then my first pregnancy. 

How do you feel physically at 30 weeks?

K: I’m starting to feel heavier and more restricted. If I walk too far I get a stitch or my lower back aches if I’m on my feet a lot, but I still workout and find this helps ease aches and pains and also helps me mentally.

S: I'm feeling a lot more aches this time round, most likely because I don't have as much time to rest with a toddler. My bump is also growing so much quicker! I've found I feel less energetic then my first pregnancy however I'm still managing to keep active which actually gives me an energy boost! Even if it's just a walk for half an hour. 

What are your cravings? Sweet/savoury/sour?

K: I absolutely couldn’t get enough of bread, pasta and anything high carb in the first few months, then I went though a period of loving specifically Vietnamese food and sour flavors! But now I’m kinda feeling back to normal.

S: I went off meat with both pregnancies but recently I've been able to eat Bolognese ( which I'm now having almost every other day)! I am craving a lot of sugary foods as well but I'm able to resist a lot of the time if I eat enough fresh fruit and salad! 

Do you feel as though your bump is ‘bigger’ this pregnancy?

K: I had a girl last time and this time I’m having a boy, so people tell me that I’m a lot ‘neater’ this time round! I certainly think I ‘popped’ sooner this pregnancy as I had Olivia only two years ago. 

S: Yes my bump is soon much bigger this time round! I'm just over 30 weeks and feel as big as I did at 37 with my first! 

Do you suffer with morning sickness?

K: Luckily I’m not too bad on that front. I felt sickly yes, in my first trimester but I seem to remember it being worse when I was pregnant with Olivia. 

S: Oh my goodness YES! Morning sickness has hit me hard both pregnancies. I still get small nauseous episodes now but not for long and much more manageable then before. 

Are you more relaxed this pregnancy? 

K: Nope! I think as you get older you have more responsibilities where as when I was 18 when I had my first baby I didn’t really have a care in the world. (Well, not true, stresses were different back then, as I wasn’t in a good relationship so that was my stress and I wasn’t set up in life). But now having a toddler to run means I get little rest, which all leads to things being more stressful! 

S: I'm slightly more relaxed in terms of the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to what I eat ( I was very strict the first time) but no I'm not really more relaxed... I actually find it more daunting this time as I don't have much prepared and I don't have as much time to focus on the labour. 

Have you prepared for baby’s arrival?

K: Last time I had a very good natural birth, although it was pretty long at 19 hours. So I’m fairly confident. I’m just going to visualize another good positive birth and use my Pilates breathing to help me like it did last time. 

S: I'm not very prepared for life after labour as we haven't yet got the baby's bed or changing mat or anything but I've thought a lot more about labour which is good. I've just started Hypno-birthing although I hope I can have the epidural. 

Are you still enjoying a healthy sex life?

K: Well, it’s definitely lessened as I’ve got bigger and I’m a lot lazier BUT on the whole we still have a sex life .... not sure hubby ‘enjoys’ it quite as much these days to be completely honest! 

S: It's definitely lessened as Korin said and I'm exhausted most of the time! The weekends are when my husband is home more so that's when we can spend some alone time together. I think the more uncomfortable I get during pregnancy the less sex becomes a regular activity. 

5 things you’ve noticed this pregnancy? 


  • This baby moves a lot
  • I’m moody
  • I have a lot of cellulite
  • I have less hair on my legs and under my arms when I’m pregnant
  • My ears get blocked throughout pregnancy which is VERY annoying


  • This baby is super active
  • I'm tired much more 
  • I'm producing extra saliva and have to spit it out ( gross I know)! 
  • I feel much heavier on my feet
  • I'm more nervous about labour 

Who do you think will have their baby earlier?

K: Me! He he he (I bet I’m wrong now!)

S: Hahaha ME!