Running on empty? Here's 5 Energy Boosting Tips!

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? I certainly have days like that... where you wake up and from the minute your feet touch the floor you feel like you’re chasing your tail. There just aren’t enough hours to get everything done, but in the same moment time drags and you feel exhausted and slow? 

Well, I’ve had enough of those days and earlier this year made it my focus to find 5 ‘set me free’ tricks to combat this! 

I hope they help you like they have me!! 



You must be having' a laugh!

I’m actually smiling as I write this. According to Robert R. Provine, PhD, ( author of Laughter), A good laugh raises your blood pressure and boosts your heart rate, which is a great way to pump yourself up when you’re feeling sluggish! 

By stimulating release of endorphins ( the happy hormones) laughter ( or even just a smile) means you’ll begin to feel brighter and more positive throughout the day. In essence, the release of endorphins has been known to create a positive state of mind, boost optimism, self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.






Stretching is brilliant for releasing tensions and Increasing blood supply throughout your body. According to, Timothy McCall, MD, a yoga instructor in Oakland, suggests the following stretch in order to stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and as such energizing for the body and mind.

' Stand in a doorway, facing forward with feet several inches apart, and reach to the sides of the frame. Grab the frame with your fingers, then push your chest forward until you feel a stretch in your torso and back; hold for 30 seconds'.

This stretch can help to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, in turn energising the body and mind.




H2 - Ohhhh

This was a game changer for me! Now... I won’t dare to tell a coffee drinker to cut out caffeine completely, HOWEVER as a none caffeine consumer myself I had to find a new way to energise and hydrate... and it’s oh so simple! 

Did you know that coffee can actually leave you feeling MORE sluggish... after the inital kick it’s not uncommon for your feelings to be followed by an energy crash. After only a few hours of operating on an artificial high, your body normalizes, and you may begin to feel tired once again. 

ANOTHER CUP! I hear you cry... however, although a cup of coffee may temporarily boost alertness, Too much caffeine, can cause anxiety, headaches, nervousness and tremors. Not ideal for any one right?! 

SO, on to good old H2O! Dehydration is known to cause drowsiness, so it’s a no brainier to consume water to combat this. However, water is also a brilliant way to flush out an unwanted toxins and boost your metabolism. In addition, Water helps the brain make electrical energy and is a great way to keep synapses firing and nerves sparking! Water is so important as it has so many crucial functions in the body, including aiding efficient digestion, absorption and carrying nutrients around the body for energy. 





Get Outdoors

(even if it's just for a deep few breaths during a lunch break).

Oxygen has been proven to clear the mind and assist brain function! If you’re finding yourself stressed and feeling anxious you should know that the amount of Oxygen you inhale into your system DIRECTLY combats The amount of adrenaline you produce. Therefore, the more oxygen you inhale, the less stressed you will feel! Fact! PLUS, fresh air can boost your immune system AND aid efficient digestion!

Of course the more exercise you can fit in the better! Moving your body is also  known to release endorphins and circulate blood throughout the body, thereby releasing any physical stresses and by increasing your heart rate and improving your health, your overall mood will be improved too. 


Eat for Energy

Firstly, it goes without saying that in order to stay energised you need to eat regularly and nutritiously throughout each day. The three main nutrients used for energy are Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats. However, here are a few top tips re food that might just help you out of a sleepy spot. 

Ditch sugar - Similar to Caffeine, Sugar may initially give you a high, however this is extremely short lived and will be followed by a quick low. So when you're craving those sweets to get you back into gear, try some slow releasing complex carbohydrates or lean protein to give you a longer sustained energy boost. By stabilising your body's sugar levels, Complex Carbs causes the pancreas to produce less insulin, therefore leaving you feeling fuller for longer. 

Iron up - Being low in Iron can make you feel tired and look pale. Eating a range of foods is important to make sure your iron levels stay up, including green vegetables, red meats, beetroot and fortified foods such as breakfast cereal. 

Omega-3's - Studies have found that diets high in Omega 3 fats can help to improve mood, memory and efficient brain function. Foods such as Fish, Flax seeds, Hemps Seeds, Leafy greens or Walnuts are also a great way to make sure you're getting enough of this.