Family Fun

‘Playing’ is a word often associated with kids but did you know that according to leading psychiatrists, Playtime is just as crucial for adults as it is for children! Dr Stuart Brown is quoted as saying ‘Nothing light’s up the brain like play’! and it seem’s he’s not alone. Einstein in his own words stated that ‘Play is the highest form of research’ and, if historical theory’s are correct, there's a reason that Archimedes shouted ‘Eureka’ in his bath, not the laboratory! 

But here I go... Justifying Play! When that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. Appreciating the benefits of Play without reason!

As adult’s we’ve somehow convinced ourselves that we’re too busy to play, or that the concept of unstrctured activity is unproductive. Although as a mum, I make a real point of switching of my phone and taking time to play with Rio, I ask myself, how much time do I spend playing with other adults? 

THEN, last week, I was gifted some special scooters from Micro-Scooter and our family playtime went to a whole new level! After ripping off the packaging (and playing race-cars with the box for half an hour) we quickly put them together and headed out for a scoot! 

Things to note: 


1.  Rio’s scooter has a spceial compartment for storage, which as a mum is great if you’re out and about. Today we took the joy of filling Rio’s scooter with pic-nic snacks ( Yey SUNSHINE)! and heading out to the park! 

2.  Thank goodness they are lightweight - because seeing as Rio’s concentration is about a minute long these days, he inevitably wanted to jump on and off the scooter all the way to the park!  (Enjoy carrying Dad)! 

3. I now know that I should have asked for three, because my husband has already stated that he will regularly be stealing mine for his commute through London! (Apparently he could make more friends on the train when storing a tiny scooter then when he takes his Specilized Road bike)! 

But most important was the FUN we had!

Being able to switch off from the stresses of today’s world allows a person to release tensions and reduce anxiety! Just as children use play to explore different emotions and develop a sense of relationships, it’s important for adults to shake of their day-to-day ‘lable’ and enjoy a feeling of freedom and fun too! 

So as we start to settle into the summer months let’s rememebr, Fun is IMPORTANT! And enjoying some well earned time off is not lazy…. No, Playtime is Productive and as such, All fun must be taken seirously! 😉

xx Shakira xx