Skip Ropes | Not Breakfast

We’ve all had those mornings where we’ve been sooooooo rushed off our feet that the idea of sitting down for a bowl of cereal is far from our minds. It’s 2017 and that means everything is  ‘on demand’ or ‘instant’ and breakfast just doesn’t seem to fit the mould!

People seem eager to slim down but amongst the diets fads and protein shakes no one seems to be stating the obvious; Eat well and exercise more. 

Now, Don’t even utter the word Brunch! 😩 I’m not talking about a casual cuppa and a croissant at 11am - I’m talking about a proper, start-the-day-off-right breakfast! 

'Break-fast’ is the meal designed to refuel our bodies after a nights sleep (where you’re body’s been fasting) and without this you are in effect running on empty. 

3 reasons to prove that Breakfast is Essential


1. Cognitive Function

Breakfast is an opportunity to replenish the Glucose levels in your body and as an essential carbohydrate, Glucose is key in assisting efficient brain fucntion. Just like any other organ in the body the brain needs fuel to work and it’s food that provides us with this energy! 

In addition, eating a nutritious breakfast not only improves memory and focus but also lifts a persons mood and lowers levels of anxiety and stress.👍🏾

P.S - Amongst children research also suggests that breakfast can help to improve behaviour ( and even in some cases grades)! 

2. Physical Health

Alongside providing us with energy, Breakfast is kick starting you metabolism. Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast on a regular basis tend to snack more throughout the day, consuming extra calories, often of lower nutritious content. 

3. Long term effects

The national health services is quoted as saying that, 'long term, Breakfast can reduce the risk of Obesity, High blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes'. As such it's important that we establish positive breakfast habits from an early age. For parents that means encouraging our children to have a positive association with breakfast. Plus, alongside the aforementioned health benefits, taking time to sit as a family and discuss life, is a great way to improve the family bond and establish good communication. 

3 Ways To Make Breakfast Achievable


1. Pre - Prep

Simple solutions like jotting down your breakfast the night before can be essential in speeding up the morning process. Setting out any cutlery or packing your bag for work to make sure you have more time for food are all great ways to save on time, but most of all, it's important to prioritise breakfast itself. Including ( and don't hate me for saying it) setting your alarm just 5 minutes early to make sure you’re up with enough time to eat. 

2. Keep It Simple

It doesn’t need to be an Instagram breakfast. Keeping it super simple with eggs, fruit or high fibre cereals is all you need. When it comes to starting your day, ideally you're looking for a mixture of Protein, Fibre and Carbohydrates. Meals like Eggs on Toast, Yogurt with Nuts and Seeds or Cereals and Fruit are all great and simple ideas for a well rounded breakfast! 

3. Make It Enjoyable

I literally wake up looking forward breakfast and I think this is why I’m such a fan of it. When the alarm rings ( or the baby calls), it can be tough to open your eyes and jump out of bed BUT making Breakfast a time you enjoy can really help to open those eyelids! Especially if you’re a busy family. Making breakfast a time when ( however briefly) the family are all together, can help to give everyone a feeling of support to start their day. 

If that doesn't work for you, then try to enjoy the feeling of doing something good for your body. Refuel, Recharge and use this time to get your head focused on the events ahead. 


So to summarise I'm a fan of breakfast 😂! But with good reason it seems! For some more simple ( yet delicious) breakfast ideas check out this blog I found, full of simple recipes by some top bloggers on how they like to make breakfast quick and nutritious! 

Me... I'm off for a good old classic of Rice Krispies with Almond milk, followed by Omelette with spinach and cheese. A big breakfast I know but it's a sunday after a late saturday night so let it slide ok!😉 

p.s - To help spice up a cereal like this, I add a sprinkle of cinnamon to really fire up the taste buds and mix up my breakfast bowl. Simple but Super! 

Happy Sunday All xx Shakira xx