#FTSummit, Munich with Adidas UK

One of the best things about working with Adidas, since joining the team earlier this year, is undoubtably the incredible people I get to meet along the way. I’m drawn to creativity and as the Adidas hashtag suggest’s, everyone embracing this brand is #heretocreate

And this weekend was no exception! Adidas Run Captains from across Europe got together to learn, create and motivate! Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Everyone speaking different languages but everyone there because they love sports and want to bring more expertise to the Adidas Run Clubs! 


Day one was straight into the action! After the looooooongest ever journey ( 12 hours to be exact… which incidentally is the amount of time it takes to fly to LA) I finally landed in Munich. Eager to put my bilingual abilities to the test I was straight into German mode. Channelling my Grandpa, I started throwing around phrases like ‘Ya-Vol’ for good measure at the end of every sentence, just to add credibility to my attempt at being a local. 

I quickly dropped my bags at the hotel and went straight to the conference, literally jumping in at the deep end by doing the BREAKletic’s workshop. A mixture of Breakdancing and Fitness! Seriously, it was crazy fun… Tough but amazing! Check it out… ( and yes if you’re wondering I looked just as skilful and cool during my attempt)! 

Other workshops were equally as fascinating, most notable were the speeches from Mark Verstegen ( coach of the German football team and President and Founder of Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance) and Greg Rose ( Doctor of Chiropractic), all about Rotational Training which really is crucial in day-to-day activities! 

I love applying fitness to everyday life ( hence making it functional) and rotational training is a big part of that. I mean when are you ever not lifting, turning, twisting or rotating in today’s world, whether it’s with a shopping trolly, on the football picth, playing golf, track running or just doing a vigourus deep clean of the house. This quote came up during these speeches and it really stuck with me! 

If we train Movement Muscles will never be forgotten. If we train Muscles, movement is sure to be forgotten’.
— Gary Gray

Another incredible speech was from Sebastian Steudtner, a well known surfer... but not just any surfer, BIG WAVE surfing! And when I say big, I actually mean ginormous! I think what I took away from Sebastian most was that dreams really can never be too big. Having faced doubt his whole life for not being the right size, shape or nationality to surf big waves, he finally proved his critics wrong when he surfed the biggest wave of the year in 2010, it measured at 66-foot!

Safe to say, I left the conference feeling inspired and motivated...and also incredibly happy to have both my feet on solid ground! 

We ended the first day with an Adidas group dinner at a local restaurant, where of course everyone ordered Bratwurst, Currywurst and yes even Snitzel! With so many nationalities all sitting together there was bound to be some communication issues, but oh my goodness it was so fun too! 

Isn’t it funny how much you can learn from really listening to someone? I found that with language barriers you are forced to not only listen to someone's words but you need to watch with you eyes for hand gestures, facial expression and intonations of pitch, then it's amazing how much you can pick up. Somehow passion seems to be doubled when people are determined to be understood! 

Hearing about the different run clubs was amazing and getting an idea of how they make their session work back home was incredible. Liv and I definitely made some mental notes, so any fellow Run club members reading this, be prepared for some Italian style workouts at run club these next few weeks! 

Day two, was more workshops. Including a very detailed breakdown of Kettle Bell exercises and finally a self massage workshop…. which I thought was going to be relaxing but awwwwww I mean hoooowwww can tiny massage balls create so much pain! Ok ok, I did feel so much better afterwards but I wouldn't say 'relaxing' came to mind! 

As I got on the plane to go home, lacking sleep but full to the brim with new knowledge, I was blown away buy how incredibly lucky I was to have such an experience. They say you should surround yourself with those who inspire you and this weekend, thanks to Adidas and Perform Better Europe, I was surrounded by exactly that!