The StrongLikeMum Method

Yey, it’s here! I’m so excited to FINALLY be writing a blog post on my new site! This is a big deal for me because, although I’ve been masquerading as a blogger for about a year now... (whispers quietly)...I have never actually written a personal blog post! 😳 Don't get me wrong I've been writing articles for years, but now it's official, I have my own personal blog! So welcome to The StrongLikeMum Method. 

I’ve been raising StrongLikeMum ( and yes it feels as serious as that), for about a year and half now. My toddler, Rio, ( also known hereafter as Monster Boy, The Rascal or Stink Bum) is now two and a half, and it was about a year after he was born that I really started to post about my life as a mum.

StrongLikeMum is all about a sustainable healthy lifestyle! You won’t see any fad diet’s here. Let’s be honest, life with a toddler is tough enough without adding in the obligation to weigh food and measure macronutrients! No, StrongLikeMum is about finding realistic ways to juggle Motherhood with wellbeing! Bearing in mind that some women may be going back to full-time work or maintaining Hobbies and even, fingers crossed, clinging to some semblance of a social life! 

The StrongLikeMum Method looks at five area’s of personal health, Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Hydration! Whole body health is about more then just dropping a dress size ( although that will be on the agenda too for those looking for weightloss or body sculpting). However, alongside the physical gains, there are plenty of benefits that will help to create a healthy mind and a happy environment for you and your family! 

I’m also super excited, because I have some great collaborations lined up. I’ll be hosting a few workshops where you can come and try a specialised SLM workout! Plus, as a track athlete and Adidas Run captain, I’ll be bringing you the latest fitness news from some of the most fun and exclusive events in and around London! 

Right, I’m off to resume Mum duties! Catch you in the next blog post, or come and say hi over on social media! 

Big love Mama’s! 

Shakira xxx