10 Things My Toddler Has Taught Me

Rio is about to turn three, which means he’s been alive almost as long as I was at University but I swear I've learnt more in these last 3 years as a mum then I ever did at school.  

I will now pass on these nuggets of wisdom to you… enjoy!

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1. Time is an illusion

I first became aware of this fact when reading the work of another fellow Mum-blogger. The simple fact is this, time is not dictated by clocks. When you ask a toddler to 'hurry up and get dressed', minutes magically turn into hours, whereas nap time’s ( from what I remember) are possibly the shortest moments of any day. Hours fizzling away in what seems like seconds. 

Moral of the Story: Plan a schedule ahead of time to maximise productivity but ALWAYS be prepared to roll with change and let things go when they don't work as expected. 

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2. There is no training harder then potty training

FACT. Since my teen’s I’ve trained as a singer, a dancer, a shop assistnt, a personal trainer and a track athlete and NOTHING has as rigorous a schedule as THE POTTY. ‘When to potty train?’ seems to be the endless question for mums… and I think it’s generally agreed that there is never a good time. Carrying a potty, 10 pairs of pants and baby wipes 24/7 never looks glamorous and it’s even less appealing when you’re son needs to drop trow in the middle of the M6. 

Moral of the story: Persist in any area of your life that is important to you. The outcome is usually always worth it.  

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3. Worry less - Do more

Toddlers worry about pretty much nothing. Falling down isn’t embarrassing it’s just part of a toddlers swagger. My son often throw's himself into a task and fails miserably but is he detered? Never! He’ll throw himself into the same task twice as hard and has always learnt something in the meantime. 

Moral of the Story: Worry is simply creating a situation that hasn't happened yet. Prepare yes! but worry is just not worth it. 


4.Poo belongs in the loo


I’ll leave it there for this one but if there was ever any doubt I can confirm there’s nowhere else respectable for it. 

Moral of the Story: Let s**t Go

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5. Embrace Change

Rio has an incredible ability to roll with any life change without complaint.

Let me rephrase.

Rio has the ability to accept any MAJOR life change without complaint. This boy can travel through the night to europe without batting an eyelid, he’s moved schools, learnt to walk, run, talk and jump, he’s changed his entire diet from milk to solids but ask him to drink from a different cup at bedtime and chaos ensues. 

Moral of the Story: Accept change and further more, try to change things often. Otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a rut. 

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6. Go a little Goofy!

Rio’s 50% human 50% nut-case. As a parent you’re often dragged into strange tasks such as stone gazing, grass collecting or endlessly bouncing off the sofa hitting your bottom hard on the floor. In other words, completing random tasks purely for the FUN of it! We should all be doing this more.  

Moral the Story: Enjoy the simple things in life.

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7. If it ain't broke, break it! 

Not sure about Rio’s logic for this one but it seem’s to go for anything, toys, phones, scooters the lot. Pulling things apart and looking inside seems to be the destiny for most toys. 

Moral of the story: I think the moral here ( although I may be clutching at straws) is that it's ok to start from scratch. If something isn't working don't worry too much about taking a step back. Sometimes a new perspective is just what you need.

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8. Whinging works

As a wife and a mother I can attest to this. It might not be in the rule books and it might not be advised but whinging works. However on the rare occasion that it doesn’t, you can almost always guarantee that it’s irritated the other person enough that they now feel equally as put out as you did in the first place. 

N.B Successful whinging may work but be advised you may become labelled as 'annoying' in the process and may not leave with your dignity intact. 

Moral of the Story: Be open minded enough to listen to other opinions but sometimes you've got to stick to you guns too! 

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9. You can be angry whilst laughing

It is absolutely possible to be angry whilst laughing hysterically. Incidentally this is also the most frustrating feeling.... Somehow people don't take you seriously when you tell them 'you're in big trouble' whilst wiping away tears of laughter at the same time.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes you just got let the little things go. 

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10. If at first you don't succed...

If at first you don’t succeed... try try and try again… and if you need to ask for help that's ok too. 

Moral of the Story: You're never too old to learn something new and no-one is too young to learn it from.