Bump Buddies

Imagine our surprise when we decided to announce our pregnancies on the same day and were only A DAY apart... 

What has become most obvious over the last 8 months, is just how different our pregnancies are. You hear that a lot when reading pregnancy forums but this has really highlighted it for us! 

We were talking this through and were laughing at how different we are, even though we're so close in weeks. We outlined a few of these differences below... the weird and the wonderful (Isn't pregnancy a strange and amazing time)! 

Let us know here or over on social how you're feeling! 

Happy Bumping Mama's! 

Shakira and Korin xx


When did you realise you were pregnant?

K: Pretty much straight away, I was about 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. I knew when my period was supposed to arrive, so when it didn’t it didn’t take much working out! 

S: Not for a while. I took three pregnancy tests which all came back negative. I didn't realise until my period was late and I started to feel nauseous which didn't go away after a few days. I tested again and the so happy to see it was positive.  

What are the difference between this pregnancy and your last?

K: Touch wood, both pregnancies (so far) have gone well. I would say that I’m a bit more chilled on the do’s & Don’ts list this time. Also I have less time to day dream about baby arriving, read up on baby info and generally prepare, as I have a toddler! However, I’m a lot less patient this time about baby arriving too! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a very long time, as I did it such a short time ago with Olivia. 

S: I'm finding this pregnancy is going by so quickly! I'm just over 30 weeks and don't have much prepared at all. I'm also feeling the physical changes a lot more this time round. I'm tired a lot (probably from rushing after a toddler) but I'm also feeling a lot more aches then my first pregnancy. 

How do you feel physically at 30 weeks?

K: I’m starting to feel heavier and more restricted. If I walk too far I get a stitch or my lower back aches if I’m on my feet a lot, but I still workout and find this helps ease aches and pains and also helps me mentally.

S: I'm feeling a lot more aches this time round, most likely because I don't have as much time to rest with a toddler. My bump is also growing so much quicker! I've found I feel less energetic then my first pregnancy however I'm still managing to keep active which actually gives me an energy boost! Even if it's just a walk for half an hour. 

What are your cravings? Sweet/savoury/sour?

K: I absolutely couldn’t get enough of bread, pasta and anything high carb in the first few months, then I went though a period of loving specifically Vietnamese food and sour flavors! But now I’m kinda feeling back to normal.

S: I went off meat with both pregnancies but recently I've been able to eat Bolognese ( which I'm now having almost every other day)! I am craving a lot of sugary foods as well but I'm able to resist a lot of the time if I eat enough fresh fruit and salad! 

Do you feel as though your bump is ‘bigger’ this pregnancy?

K: I had a girl last time and this time I’m having a boy, so people tell me that I’m a lot ‘neater’ this time round! I certainly think I ‘popped’ sooner this pregnancy as I had Olivia only two years ago. 

S: Yes my bump is soon much bigger this time round! I'm just over 30 weeks and feel as big as I did at 37 with my first! 

Do you suffer with morning sickness?

K: Luckily I’m not too bad on that front. I felt sickly yes, in my first trimester but I seem to remember it being worse when I was pregnant with Olivia. 

S: Oh my goodness YES! Morning sickness has hit me hard both pregnancies. I still get small nauseous episodes now but not for long and much more manageable then before. 

Are you more relaxed this pregnancy? 

K: Nope! I think as you get older you have more responsibilities where as when I was 18 when I had my first baby I didn’t really have a care in the world. (Well, not true, stresses were different back then, as I wasn’t in a good relationship so that was my stress and I wasn’t set up in life). But now having a toddler to run means I get little rest, which all leads to things being more stressful! 

S: I'm slightly more relaxed in terms of the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to what I eat ( I was very strict the first time) but no I'm not really more relaxed... I actually find it more daunting this time as I don't have much prepared and I don't have as much time to focus on the labour. 

Have you prepared for baby’s arrival?

K: Last time I had a very good natural birth, although it was pretty long at 19 hours. So I’m fairly confident. I’m just going to visualize another good positive birth and use my Pilates breathing to help me like it did last time. 

S: I'm not very prepared for life after labour as we haven't yet got the baby's bed or changing mat or anything but I've thought a lot more about labour which is good. I've just started Hypno-birthing although I hope I can have the epidural. 

Are you still enjoying a healthy sex life?

K: Well, it’s definitely lessened as I’ve got bigger and I’m a lot lazier BUT on the whole we still have a sex life .... not sure hubby ‘enjoys’ it quite as much these days to be completely honest! 

S: It's definitely lessened as Korin said and I'm exhausted most of the time! The weekends are when my husband is home more so that's when we can spend some alone time together. I think the more uncomfortable I get during pregnancy the less sex becomes a regular activity. 

5 things you’ve noticed this pregnancy? 


  • This baby moves a lot
  • I’m moody
  • I have a lot of cellulite
  • I have less hair on my legs and under my arms when I’m pregnant
  • My ears get blocked throughout pregnancy which is VERY annoying


  • This baby is super active
  • I'm tired much more 
  • I'm producing extra saliva and have to spit it out ( gross I know)! 
  • I feel much heavier on my feet
  • I'm more nervous about labour 

Who do you think will have their baby earlier?

K: Me! He he he (I bet I’m wrong now!)

S: Hahaha ME!


Prenatal Smoothie Ingredients

Prenatal Smoothie Ingredients

Getting a healthy balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is always important especially during pregnancy. Smoothies are brilliant as they can be adapted to meet all increased fluid and nutrient needs, prevent any unwanted symptoms and cure a sweet craving all at the same time! 

But not just any ingredients will do the trick and what you put into your smoothie to get the correct balance is so important!

Running During Pregnancy

Running During Pregnancy

If you’re active pre-pregnancy, chances are you’ll be hoping to continue an active lifestyle during the three trimesters. Once the morning sickness wears off ( woooohoooo)! you may find you have enough energy to lace up rather the rest up. But how to adapt your training during this time? 

Here’s a few things you can expect from running when you’re expecting. 

Running on empty? Here's 5 Energy Boosting Tips!

Running on empty? Here's 5 Energy Boosting Tips!

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? I certainly have days like that... where you wake up and from the minute your feet touch the floor you feel like you’re chasing your tail. There just aren’t enough hours to get everything done, but in the same moment time drags and you feel exhausted and slow? 

Well, I’ve had enough of those days and earlier this year made it my focus to find 5 ‘set me free’ tricks to combat this! 

I hope they help you like they have me!! 

5 tips to Pre-Race Prep

I’m running 10km tomorrow. That’s the longest I’ve ever run in my life. People usually stare at me in disbelief when I say this as I'm generally considered a 'runner', but running events aren't all the same... and I promise, I am NOT a natural long distance runner. 

In my opinion, long distance runners are a little crazy. Why draw out the uncomfortable ache of running for hours when you could be done in seconds? 

Anyway, somehow I find myself on the eve of what I consider to be a marathon. 

Now, I can't say how real long distance athlete's prepare but here are my five MUST DO activities before race day! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 22.24.32.png

1. Mentally Prepare

As a sprinter, many people think you're lazy. While long distance runners can be seen going endlessly round the track, you’ll often find sprint groups huddled indoors resting for 10-15 minutes after a quick 300 sprint. 

But this ‘lazy’ nature is not why I put 'mentally prepare' at the top of the list. Ok ok, I’ll admit it, physically preparing for a 10km scares me and although serious endurance athletes will of course train for an event I decided to skip that stage this time and just ‘wing it’… ( tune in tomorrow to see how that goes)! 

Anyway, mentally preparing for a race is so important! Getting yourself in a positive mindset. Replace nerves with anticipation and excitement! Enjoy the thrill of testing your physical abilities. Know that you’ll give it the best you’ve got and that’s the perfect amount! 

RELAXED RUNNING is hammered in to you as a sprinter and I plan to adopt that mindset for tomorrows adventure too! 


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 07.34.47.png

2. Muscular Prep

I’ve talked about foam rolling before on this blog and that is key before race day. To put it plainly tight muscles won’t perform efficiently so get out your foam roller! For more reason’s on why and HOW check out my previous post here

My second tip for physical prep is all about Human Tecar. This is my go-to pre-race treatment. They have a great sports massage cream but if that’s not for you then grab a bottle of Arnica oil ( oil, not cream) and gently massage those tights spots in your quads or calves! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 07.33.47.png

3. Actually Prepare


The ‘boring’ bit as far as I’m concerned! But honestly nothing kills race-day like panicking about a lost train ticket or missing sports kit! Get it all laid out the day before. I write list's of all the food I’ll need to take and prep everything in the fridge. Remember to pack your race kit and water bottle, as well as planning out your travel journey and give yourself plenty of time!

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 07.33.32.png

4. Nutrition Tips



Carb loading. You’ll here marathn runners talking about this and as it feels like that distance to me I’ll be doing the same. Carbohydrates are crucial for long lasting energy so make sure to maintain a healthy diet pre-race day! Similarly, lean protein and healthy fibre is also key!

In addition, don’t forget to HYDRATE! Dry mouth is a bugger for 400 meters let alone 10km!

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 07.34.22.png

5. A Proper playlist



Now some people choose not to run to music but I generally don’t associate with them. They’re crazy. For me Music is a motivator so spend some time planning out a killer playlist for the event. And if music isn't your thing maybe download a good podcast ( or perhaps a Harry Potter audio tape… which is definitely not on my playlist… ahem….. I wonder what happens after Dolorous Umbrage ban's Potter from quidditch)…..


Well that's it, my 5 top tips for pre-race prep. Let me caviet this all by reiterating that I've never actually run a 10km before, so follow this advice at your own risk. 😂😳

I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. 

Skip Ropes | Not Breakfast

Skip Ropes | Not Breakfast

We’ve all had those mornings where we’ve been sooooooo rushed off our feet that the idea of sitting down for a bowl of cereal is far from our minds. It’s 2017 and that means everything is  ‘on demand’ or ‘instant’ and breakfast just doesn’t seem to fit the mould!

People seem eager to slim down but amongst the diets fads and protein shakes no one seems to be stating the obvious; Eat well and exercise more. 

Family Fun

Family Fun

‘Playing’ is a word often associated with kids but did you know that according to leading psychiatrists, Playtime is just as crucial for adults as it is for children! Dr Stuart Brown is quoted as saying ‘Nothing light’s up the brain like play’! and it seem’s he’s not alone. Einstein in his own words stated that ‘Play is the highest form of research’ and, if historical theory’s are correct, there's a reason that Archimedes shouted ‘Eureka’ in his bath, not the laboratory! 

#FTSummit, Munich with Adidas UK

#FTSummit, Munich with Adidas UK

One of the best things about working with Adidas, since joining the team earlier this year, is undoubtably the incredible people I get to meet along the way. I’m drawn to creativity and as the Adidas hashtag suggest’s, everyone embracing this brand is #heretocreate! This weekend was all about creation and I can't wait to share the event with you now! 


Foam Rolling Facts

Foam Rolling Facts

Foam Rolling and I have a love/hate relationship. I know it's good for me and I secretly love the benefits but I also moan about it a lot. 😂 

If I'm honest though, It is a really great tool and crucial for anyone active. Whether you're working-out a lot, jogging, walking or just generally looking to get a little more active, this is a must have. Here's a few tips on how to get started and Why you should be foam rolling regularly... 

The StrongLikeMum Method

The StrongLikeMum Method

Yey, it’s here! I’m so excited to FINALLY be writing a blog post on my new site! This is a big deal for me because, although I’ve been masquerading as a blogger for about a year now... (whispers quietly)...I have never actually written a personal blog post! 😳 Don't get me wrong I've been writing articles for years, but now it's official, I have my own personal blog! So welcome to The StrongLikeMum Method.